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Issue 107 - Winter 2014

Leadership Profile - Rebecca Barry
Q&A - Strategic Innovation Specialist - Alan Kuczynski

Issue 106 - Autumn 2014
Leadership Profile - Scott Soutar
Q&A - JS Cabway - Happening People's Cross Cultural Leadership Specialist
Personally Speaking
Issue 105 - Summer 2013
Personally Speaking
If you want to hear how our MD talks in our team meetings –  or you want to find out more about who we are - then this candid newsletter is for you!!!
Issue 104 - Spring 2013 Corporate Training - No One Hit Wonder
Q&A with our Managing Director Sam Day
Personally Speaking
Meet Some of Our Team

Issue 103 - Winter 2013 Embracing Social Media in the Workplace
Q&A with Social Media Manager Vera Woods
Personally Speaking

Issue 102 - Autumn 2013 Mentoring
Q&A With Matt Barnason
Personally Speaking

Issue 101 - Summer 2012 Measuring a Return on Investment for Training Program Spend
ROI In the Workplace - You Can Do It!
Q&A With Surfing Legend - Layne Beachley

Issue 100 - Spring 2012 Ways to Show Employees Appreciation, Gratitude and Recognition
Issue 99 - Winter 2012 Performance Management from the Top Down
Issue 98 - Autumn 2012 Board of Secrets
Issue 97 - Summer 2012 The HR function – the Competitive Advantage
Issue 96 - Spring 2011 Coming Soon
Issue 95 - Winter 2011 Banging Drums at the Team Building conference
has lost its beat!
Issue 94 - Autumn 2011 Creating High Performance Organisations
Issue 93 - Summer 2010 Key Account Management
Organiational Development
Issue 92 - Spring 2010 Organisational Development
Issue 91 - Winter 2010 Leadership Rises to the Top
Fabulous Facilitators
Leadership Survey
Congratulations to Alison Goode
Issue 90 - Autumn 2010
Survey and feedback
Personally speaking - be part of our research in 2010
Issue 89 - Summer 2009
Symbols, rituals and ceremonies
Positivly speaking
Issue 87 - Spring 2009 Succession management
Positivly speaking
Issue 86 - Winter/Summer 2009 Sell like hell!
Positively speaking
Issue 85 - Autumn 2009 Optimism in the face of the GFC
Issue 84 - Summer 2008 Survival guide to end of year work parties
Personally speaking - Gratitude! Farwell!!
Issue 82 - Spring 2008 360 degree feedback
New and enhanced site
Issue 81 - Winter 2008 Generations at work and how they behave
Personally speaking
Issue 80 - Autumn 2008

Customer Service Performance in a tight employment market
Personally speaking - South Australia booming

Issue 79 - Summer 2007

Sales and Organisational growth
Personally speaking - thank you!

Issue 78 - Spring 2007

Ethics and Integrity at Work
Personallt speaking

Issue 77 - Winter 2007 Workplace bullying - Alive and well
Personally speaking
Issue 76 - Autumn 2007 How to motivate people
Personally speaking
Issue 75 - Summer 2006 Personally speaking - Thank you for 10 years!
Issue 74 - Spring 2006 Dealing with adversity at work
Personally speaking - calling executive coaches
Issue 73 - Winter 2006 Performance appraisal pitfalls
Personally speaking - 10th Birthday bash - calling all clients
Issue 72 - Autumn 2006 Selecting the right trainer
Personally speaking- why this topic, executive coaching, year ahead
Issue 71 - Summer 2005 Cultural diversity in business
Personally speaking
Issue 70 - Spring 2005 Ethics and business - how does Australia stack up?
Personally speaking - social responsibility - NBCF
Issue 69 - Winter 2005 Truth or fiction - The CV's of today
Personally speaking
Issue 68 - Autumn 2005 Organisational change - systems, culture & structure
Personally speaking
Issue 67 - Summer 2004 Generational change and the workplace
Personally speaking
Issue 66 - July 2004 A CEO's role
Personally speaking - feedback on the new show
Issue 65 - June 2004 An empowered customer service front line
Personally Speaking - creating an environment conducive to productivity - new TV show
Issue 64 - May 2004 Customer satisfaction & employee satisfaction
Personally speaking
Issue 63 - April 2004 How customer satisfaction is an excellent indicator of future profitability
Personally speaking - new series and sharing info
Issue 62 - March 2004 FSRA - What is it? Why have it? What's the effect?
Personally speaking - Feedback on last month.
Issue 61 - February 2004 Retrenchments - Often whispered in coffee rooms.  These are practical items for managers faced with the task of retrenching people.
Personally speaking - The new TV show "Workplace Dreams"
Issue 60 - December 2003 Personally speaking - end of year note to clients.
Issue 59 - November 2003 Selling - getting your foot in the door
Personally speaking - behind the scenes of Sam's TV show.
Issue 58 - October 2003 Friendship at work
Personally speaking - a taste of Sam's table
Issue 57 - Septmeber 2003 Launch of Sam's Table the TV show 2
Personally speaking - feedback in evaluation issue 56
Issue 56 - August 2003 Seven levels of training evaluation
Personally speaking - feedback on the show!!
Issue 55 - July 2003 Sam's Table - Online TV show launch
Personally speaking - Thanks to everyone in the crew
Issue 54 - June 2003 Facing adversity at work?
Personally speaking - next month HPTV
Issue 53 - May 2003 Part 2 - A serving of productivity - an interview with the best selling
business guru.
Personally speaking - www.HappeningPeople.com statistics
Issue 52 - April 2003

Part 1 - A serving of productivity - an interview with the best selling business guru
Personally speaking - More on Happening People the show

Issue 51 - March 2003 The truth can be liberating
Personally speaking - Happening People TV coming soon
Issue 50 - February 2003 Innovation & organisational struggles
Personally speaking -WH celebrating 50 issues!!
Issue 49 - December 2002 Personally speaking - Thank you to our clients in 2002.
A great Christmas gift, a great website, the next issue and a thought for the year ahead.
Issue 48 - November 2002 Research suggesting that leadership = financial results
Personally speaking - feedback from goal setting. Thank you!!
Issue 47 - October 2002 Goal setting & motivation
Personally speaking - Breast cancer month
Issue 46 - September 2002 Making every moment count -Changing the subject, Lie & gossip, victim, blaming.
Personally speaking - responses to the series "Making every moment count".
Issue 45 - August 2002 Making every moment count - Sugar & spice, being the judge & jury.
Personally speaking - New structure, good feedback. Thank you!!
Issue 44 - May 2002 Making every moment count - Not participating, Being a problem
Personally speaking - Planning your needs in 2002!
Issue 43 - April 2002 Making every moment count - A new series for 2002.
Personally speaking - Sydney office moves, welcome to St George.
Issue 42 - March 2002 Managing culturally diverse teams
Personally speaking - It's time to have a cultural party
Issue 41 - February 2002 Mentoring in organisations today
Personally speaking - goal setting's personal motivation
Issue 40 - December 2001 Managing you career
Personally speaking - Seasons thoughts
Issue 39 - November 2001 Dream boats & tug boats - customer service counts
Personally speaking - The Australian Federal election
Issue 38 - October 2001 Family friendly, striking the balance between work and home life
Personally speaking - Ansett and Fairfax
Issue 37 - September 2001 Drivers start your career engins - Resumes
AITD Awards night
Personally speaking - AITD
Issue 36 - August 2001 How do organisational structures support customer satisfaction?
Personally speaking - Political climate
Issue 35 - July 2001 Making optimism your best friend
Personally speaking - the media talk with us
Issue 34 - June 2001 Employee loyalty - a vital organ
Personally speaking - Business resurgence
Issue 33 - May 2001 The holy grail - E learning
You can lead a horse to water - benefits of self developement
Personally speaking
Issue 32 - April 2001 How different are you?
No fuss decision making
Personall speaking
Issue 31 - March 2001 Saving time getting the right call centre people
It's all in the timing
Persomally speaking
Issue 30 - February 2001 Call centres .. Keeping your good image intact
Personally speaking
Issue 29 - December 2000 Being happy in the workplace
Personally speaking
Issue 28 - November 2000 Planning meetings - People, problems & solutions
The power of play
Personally speaking
Issue 27 - October 2000 Making the most of your new employees
One.Tel child flight - How can you help?
Personally speaking
Issue 26 - September 2000 Managers in organisations today
www.happeningpeople.com the Online store
Personally speaking
Issue 25 - August 2000 The value of training Follow-up and coaching
Building happy teams
Personally speaking
Issue 24 - July 2000 Machines v's humans
Australian GST ... It's hear
Personallt speaking
Issue 23 - June 2000 Customer service - I'm impressed!
Building thr right call centre and retaining the right people
Personally speaking
Issue 22 - May 2000 Stearing clear of the overload
Organisations and socila responsibility - Camp Quality
Personally speaking
Issue 21 - April 2000 Customer service --I'm impressed!
Building the right call centre and retaining the right people
Personally speaking
Issue 20 - March 2000 Rewards & recognition - consider this
New locations
Personally speaking
Issue 19 - February 2000 Is Up-Front training the only solution?
Supporting Camp Quality in 2000
Personally speaking
Issue 18 - December 1999 Adelaide office opens
The booming call centre industry
Personally speaking
Issue 17 - November 1999 Save yourself time
Yes or No?
Personally speaking
Issue 16 - October 1999 Motivate people for action
Personal genius
Personally speaking
Issue 15 - September 1999 Going casual
St George College
Speech recognition. The future now
Personally speaking
Issue 14 - August 1999 The benefits of team work
Get a feeling for out learning .. with compliments
Personally speaking
Issue 13 - July 1999 Meetings, meetings and more meetings
Paraliminal learning ... what?
Personally speaking
Issue 12 - June 1999 What is consultation within the work place?
Have you met Kaylene?
Personally speaking
Issue 11 - May 1999 A plan of attack
Breezing through your day
Personally speaking
Issue 10 - April 1999 A man with a dream .. not apathy
It;s a happening month
Personally speaking
Issue 09 - March 1999 Mind reading
Ongoing personal developement
Personally speaking
Issue 08 - February 1999 10 factors to handling complaints
Building relationships and Influencing people
Personally speaking
Issue 07 - December 1998 Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Hot topics this year! ... What about 1999?
Personally speaking
Issue 06 - November 1998 Partners in outsourcing
Our new office and new numbers
Personally speaking
Issue 05 - October 1998 Organisational values v's the individual
Call centres, salaries & staff turnover
We are on the move
Personally speaking
Issue 04 - September 1998 The dirty word 'Empowerment'
Creativity or knowledge?
Not just a learning organisation
Personally speaking
Issue 03 - August 1998 A simple communication strategy
PC Trick
Personally speaking
Issue 02 - July 1998 Stressed?
Survey links with performance
New customers or existing ones
Personally speaking
Issue 01 - June 1998 Introduction
Sales statistics
Personally speaking



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