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What's Happening
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Issue 44 May 2002

Make every moment count
The series

So far in this series we have discussed ‘not participating’ and ‘being a problem’.  This month I’ll talk about another two behaviours, which you may see in your workplace or life which can stop people from Making Every Moment Count

Sugar and spice
(AKA the kiss of yes)
This is seen as nodding the head in agreement, yet when the person leaves, the feedback you had hoped to get is delivered elsewhere.  They do not want to rock the boat.  Team meetings are a great example of this.  Often this occurs for simple reasons like not knowing what to say, how to say it, simply needing more time to think or cultural differences .  Where do you see this happening?

Being the judge and Jury
Behaviours you could expect here include a lack of empathy and picking or finding holes. Ask many managers and I’m sure that you will find people who have had direct reports who use these behaviours.  This  can result in undermining any effective result.  I have experienced them as have many managers.  How have you felt if these behaviours have happened to you?  This sets the person apart from the team and makes team goals difficult to achieve.

This is your opportunity to spend 2 minutes reflecting!!

When have you demonstrated either or both of these?

What would you have gained if you have not done them?

What do you need to do differently next time to make every moment count?

Next month I’ll discuss Changing the Subject and Gossiping.

Personally Speaking

Well if the results are anything to go by your feedback is yes!!  Thank You! You may recall our decision at the end of last year to move our team to a project based focus. We decide to do this to enable us to better meet the demands of our clients by providing better flexibility and for everyone (me included) to be out of the office and on site with clients (which is why I began this company).

It appears to have worked for everyone.  In the past six months our repeat business has doubled as have our average on-site contact days.  To my clients and everyone who works with me, Thank you!
‘Til next month .

 Kind regards,


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