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What's Happening
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Issue 84 | ummer 2008


If a collective pessimistic Australian unconscious can drag down an otherwise good economy then an optimistic collective unconscious can bring it up!

For many of us the latter part of 2008 was marred by news article after news article, dinner conversation after dinner conversation and water cooler chat after water cooler chat on the latest media coined Acronym the GFC (The Global Financial Crisis).

Many economists are enjoying their time in the sun as they predict the worst with all the precision of a long term weather forecast. More seasoned economists are advising we will sail into calmer and more stable waters in 2009 if we all adopt a more positive attitude and outlook. In the face of persistent media drama how can you become capital O optimistic?

1. Start your day with a positive outlook if you read or listen to the daily news, skip it! You will be surprised how much better you feel without this injection of daily negativity.

2. Listen to your favourite motivational speaker or favourite music on the commute to work. The change in your attitude will be phenomenal.

3. Focus on your goals and pursue them vigorously don t let the failures or disappointments of others get
you down. You can be the change! The old saying what gets focused on gets achieved is very true.

4. Remember you control your immediate surroundings the environment on Wall St isn t great at the moment this doesn t mean yours has to be! There are still tremendous opportunities out there to achieve
your goals.

5. Repel Negativity talk with people who focus on positive outcomes and spend less time with negative

6. Lose the comparisons - ' Keeping up with the Joneses' may have become a national pass time but it won t make you happy as there will always be someone more, successful, powerful and wealthy than you. Put your energies into creating a balanced life of happiness and well being and you will soon surpass the Joneses !



We have said goodbye to 2008. Lets all look at 2009 with optimism and a happier year ahead. Here are some key facts which you will not have seen as a lead news story this year:
• 40% of investors intend to buy a new property in 2009.
• Home loan rates have dropped a whopping 3% since Sept 2008 with more to come.
• Retail sales in most states in Australia increased in the quarter to Dec 2008 and continue to GROW.
(ABS 1.9%pa) South Australia achieved growth of 8% in Nov 2008.
• Australia is still over employed at 4.5%. Which means that we still have more jobs to fill than supply
available even if unemployment increases by another 0.5% (refer ABS).
• Most states are investing billions in infrastructure in addition to the Federal Government (eg QLD $107
billion infrastructure investment)
• Farmers exports increasing this year by 56.3% to $4.68bn
• ASX 200 expected to level out at 4000 with Macquarie Capital Securities expecting 22% net gain.

If you are wondering what you can do at this point for this country with your savings in petrol and interest rates the solution is simple. Be optimistic, spread the good news too and SPEND! Buy another pack of biscuits, go out for dinner, go on a holiday.

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