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Issue 90 | Spring 2009

What's your thoughts on that?

When it s time to seek public opinion, gauge customer loyalty or understand how to retain your employee then feedback by way of a survey or questionnaire can very useful.

There are a variety of methods to collect feedback from questionnaires and surveys, online, on paper or over the phone.
There are all types of surveys;
• relatively small surveys which ask one or two pertinent questions at the end of an online purchase
large scale surveys like the National Survey (Census)
conducted every five years by The Australian Bureau of Statistics.
• customer surveys completed by Mystery Shoppers on assignment or survey leaflets in hotel rooms.

Over the last decade the demand for your opinion or opportunity to have your say has increased dramatically with the introduction and development of the internet.

Using external surveys in your organisations can gain insight into the hearts and minds of your customers and using then internally you can benefit by reducing employee turnover, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Internal, organisational wide surveys can be performed online or by mail and whilst there are endless possible topics for opinion to be
sought the most common is Employee Satisfaction.
Employee Satisfaction Surveys can help with topics such as:
• How well trained people are top do the job
• How loyal employees are to the organisation
• How leadership is perceived

Whilst there is considerable work to be done to research, design, conduct, gather the results and ACT on the data there is much to be gained by formalising this process into a yearly calendar and benchmarking the results.

Personally speaking

In recent times good leadership has been critical to ensure organisations have been able to mitigate outside pressures to ensure longevity.

Much work has been done around the world on the topic of leadership and Happening People onsultants have seen all types of leadership as we have worked
across many of Australia s top 100 companies.

All different styles which are many and varied.
This year we are going to research Leadership in Australian organisations by surveying peoples experience in the workplace.

If you would like to be involved please let me know or call Alison on 1800 68 67 69 otherwise if we call you and you have 5 minutes to answer a few questions that would be great and we would be happy to share the results with you.

Kind regards,




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