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What's Happening
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Issue 76 | Autumn 2007

Motivating People

One of the most common questions I'm asked when coaching managers one on one is:
"How can I motivate out people?"
This question presupposes that managers and executives have contral over people's motivatiob. I'd suggest they don't but they do have control over the environment. It is the environment which can influence and elicit behaviours and attitudes for people to chose to be motivated.

Below I have listed some areas for consideration when your focus is on addressing people motivation to buy into strategy execution in the workplace.

1. Promote from within - particularly people who demonstrate the behaviours aligned with the org strategy and balanced with outside knowledge.

2. Share information - share company results and financials and demonstrate how daily performance is associated to it. Dales/cost wall charts are simple but useful.

3. Link Visions to Society - show how what the business provides is great for society at large.

4. Environment - get people involved in the design and selection of the workspace/

5. Ask for feedback - genuinely value and listen to feedback and demonstrate action in response.

6. Flexibility - be flexible with the complany policies and procedures where possible.

Of course this list is not definitive ad effective leadership and Performance Management are critical but they are worth considering to enable and empower people to chose to be motivated. Even if you are not the manager you can still implement these yourself.

Personally speaking

I'm proud how we have intergrated the work we do in Executive Coaching, Corporate Training and People Management Consulting into an original TV show which is inspiring and entertaining.

My guests on the shows are switched on people and my production team have worked incredibly hard to bring them together over the years.

Now all the TV shows are featured on the Happening People website by clicking here or on You Tube.

I hope you like the new You Tube TV channel.

PS: Remember if there is something you like about this company and it's work please tell others, if there is someting you don't please tell me!




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