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Issue 87 | Spring 2009

Succession Management

Succession Management is planning, organising and controlling your organisations future by driving ongoing dialogue between senior managers and management teams about transitions to critical roles within the organisation.

Many organisations who haven t considered planning for succession soon take notice when put with the
question What would the impact be if a member of your leadership team gave a weeks notice today?
Negative impacts include: relationships with customers, strategic execution and filling the role to name a few.

On the flip side there are many benefits for organisations who implement succession management: Some of these include:

• Maintaining a leadership pipeline for key positions
• Ensuring continuity of strategic execution
• Retaining and developing intellectual capital
• Identifying critical roles
• Encouraging individual development an increased   productivity
• Eliminating skill gaps to improve competitive   advantage
• Saving time filling a position when employees   unexpectedly leave
• Saving on costs for advertising and hiring for a   position

There are four steps to implementing Succession Planning:
1. Assess the outputs of critical roles in the organisation
2. Assess your current talent and identify the gaps
3. Commence retention, engagement and employee development plans
4. Monitor and review this takes discipline!

Some companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on complex computer matrix matching which simply can t keep pace with the rate the business changes. Succession planning can be implemented without a big hoohah.
If you need any help feel free to give us a call.

Positively speaking

I meet people in my work who for some reason or
another are victims to their experiences.
This leads to all kinds of ineffective behaviours and
behaviours which make them unhappy, by choice.

It may sound simple and maybe it is when our life
or happiness then becomes what we select to do
with our time ..working on and towards a solution
is a good use of time to gain happiness at work and
life. It s your choice.

Kind regards,




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