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Issue 91 | Winter 2010

Leadership Rises To The Top

The landscape of Australian and global business continues to change dramatically a mixing pot of some of the most unprecedented factors in post war times. The global financial crisis, climate change pressures, technological advances and according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics an aging workforce with 80% of people aged over 50 by 2018.

Business leaders are under intense pressure to perform, plan resourcing, cut costs, deliver more with less all whilst continuing to deliver shareholders outstanding results. They are required to be original in their approach, visionary in uncertain times, adaptable in the face of constant change and most importantly pioneer the way to a better future. Great leadership is a hot commodity!

One of Google's newest sites "Zeitgeist" graphically depicts users' internet searches and is considered indicative of the 'general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era. It declares that in the 12 months to April 2010 the interest in leadership courses has shifted positively 50 points to a record high since 2004.

Another indicator that the demand for Leadership up skilling is on the rise is the number of applications for the Masters of Business Administration Course long regarded as the holy grail of management and leadership courses. According to Business Week it is continuing its surge in popularity after the incredible boom in global applications between 2007-2009.

So how does the business world ensure that leaders stay at the top in this unique climate? By ensuring today's and tomorrows leaders and managers are skilled in every facet of leadership.

Key elements include:

› leading people
› negotiation
› strategic thinking
› project management
› financial analysis

If your organisation needs help in developing leadership please call and talk with us.


Fabulous Facilitators

Facilitating peoples learning is both a challenge and passion for great facilitators. Over the coming year Happening People will be on the look out for the best facilitators to join us as we grow in delivering results for our clients.
If you are a dynamic facilitator and have what it takes to be a Happening Consultant please send me your CV.

Leadership Survey

If you saw last months What's Happening you will have seen us launch our leadership survey. So far we received many responses so thank you for participating!

If you would like to be involved in this survey about Leadership in Australia please let me know or call Alison on 1800 68 67 69 otherwise if we call you and you have 5 minutes to answer a few questions that would be great and we would be happy to share the results with you.


It is baby number four for Alison and Taki, congratulations!

Take care everyone, Kind regards,




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