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What's Happening
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Issue 51 March 2003

The Truth

I wonder, “Is life’s journey about being honest and telling the truth to ourselves as much as it is to others?  Will this create the ultimate life experience?”

In the past week I have heard about:

  1. People who were given packages because the truth of poor performance was too hard to tell.
  2. Reports given by consultants who did not advise their client that the greatest risk to the project was the capability of the company’s project manager.
  3. A very successful friend of mine who said he would prefer to sell lemonade in Byron Bay than have to deal with the troubles of 100 plus staff.

I wonder what would happen if these people faced the truth?  Feedback for people who don’t perform may help them; the project manager may have been able to fill the gaps and my friend could find himself very happy!! 
Of course the flip side involves the consequences of facing an often harsh reality.  Yet I saw comedian Joan Rivers whilst in Australia recently.  Now she is honest!!  At one point she said that 40 years ago she never would have said what she says today for fear of not working.  Yet when she spoke the truth she was liberated.  It takes courage to do that.

When I was a child growing up in Adelaide, every bus ticket had a comment or saying of the day.  I read one which said:

‘Dance like no one is watching
Love like you have never been loved before.’

If liberation, freedom and happiness are the long-term results of being honest with yourself, then life’s journey may well be assessed as successful.  Now’s the time to find the courage of a lion to put it into action who knows where you will end up.

Personally Speaking

Thank you everyone who sent me emails and called with congratulations on last months 50th Issue of What’s Happening.  It’s great to know that you enjoy it and its also satisfying that you appreciate the research and time that goes into various editions.

Well, Happening People Television goes into pre production next month!!   This is a concept that I have been developing for the past two years and is designed to improve peoples’ professional and personal lives.
Whilst most of our clients are in Australia many are now situated all over the world. So, I have decided to broadcast the HPTV show (the name later) from TV studios directly to the internet.
It’s a half hour show designed for people who are hungry for real information from experts in their field.  Stay tuned!!!!  More next month.

 Kind regards,
Sam Day



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