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Issue 17 November 1999

Save Yourself Time

I was talking with a colleague recently who is the marketing manager for a large organisation.
She told me about a publication, which they provide that is the result of extensive surveys and research in the market place.
The package is excellent for people managers in call centres that are seeking industry information.  It covers many topics like;

  • Market pay rates for various positions
  • Industry turnover
  • Training budgets
  • Career progression
  • Industry Call statistics
  • Position descriptions etc

Anyway, these are just a part of it. 

I saw the package and thought that it would save many of you a great deal of time and provide you with valuable industry information, which is difficult to obtain.

If you are interested call Jackie Taggart at Mercer Cullen Egan Dell (short hey!) on 02 9375 9824. 

It will be great for all call centres that are new or looking to grow.


Yes or No

A strategy we use in the design and delivery of our training programs for people development involves 7 elements. 
These elements are effective for permanent and continuous improvement, which we have developed from various models.

The elements are; 

1 Personal Vision, 2 Beliefs, 3 Values, 4 Identity, 5 Capabilities, 6 Behaviours and 7 Environment.

Effective change involves a change in all of these elements and often they influence each other.

On November 6, Australians will be asked to vote on their Identity.

It will influence each of the other six elements.

I hope your team wins!


Personally Speaking

Managing the growth of our company over the years has been a great experience.  It is especially satisfying when so many of our existing clients have referred others to us. 

Thank you very much.  As a result we have some big things happening here which we are just putting the finishing touches to. 

So stay tuned until next month. 

Kind regards,
Sam Day


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