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Issue 81 | Winter 2008

The Great Divide Multi Generations at Work

Much like our gender, sexuality and ethnicity
distinguish us so to does our generational identity.
Never before has the workplace housed four
significantly different generations with competing
values and views often resulting in a clash.

The ongoing success of any organisation requires them to look beyond this clash and leverage multi-generational perspectives to everyone s benefit.
Below are some suggested strategies to bridge the gap across the generations and ensuring that an organisation accesses the best that each generation brings to the work place.

1922 - 1945 The Veterans
1945 - 1963 Baby Boomers
1964 - 1979 Generation X
1980 - 2000 Generation Y or Nexters

1. Keep an open mind. Just because one colleague doesn't share another s work ethic doesn t make them a workaholic or at the other end of the spectrum, lazy.
For example: Generation Y may seem slack to a Baby Boomer. Perhaps it s because they haven t seen work and life balance in their parents and don t want that for themselves.

2. Adapt Training styles. Veterans are aware that they may be more technologically challenged than later generations so are more likely to prefer one-on-one computer training than self managed E-learning
suited to later generations.

3. Be careful what you say and more importantly how you say it. Clashes in generations often are the result of miscommunications in tone and language style. When giving broadcast communication test it with all generations first.

4. Leverage off diversity. Effective teams leverage off generational differences to better understand their clients and customers and ultimately produce better results. Your teams can provide you with ready made focus groups!

Of course individualism is a key factor in groups but you may be surprised how generations play a significant role.

Personally speaking

New assistant
My old personal assistant is my new assistant. Alison Goode is back with Happening People. So if you have an urgent matter and you are unable to contact me please call Alison on 0439 415 395 and she will
be able to find me or any HP consultant.

Bonus for existing clients
From 1st July 2008 we will no longer charge travel expenses (flights etc) for consulting in Australia and NZ for existing clients. This will be a significant saving in your budgets when consulting is 2 days or more.

New offices
The first person to find our new offices in Adelaide and email us (full address and building description) will receive a Professional Development pack
complete with books, our cool caps and Happening People pens which everyone loves.

Kind regards, Sam

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