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Issue 13 July 1999

Meeting, Meetings and more Meetings

Well a great deal of management’s time today is spent in meetings.

Yet how many people have you spoken to where they have left a meeting ’none the wiser’ or worse, annoyed when they walked out?

Many meetings are run with advanced copies of agendas, minutes and action items yet for some reason these meetings go overtime or completely off the track.

Many people attend meetings interested in achieving results but often they don’t.

Meetings sometimes get so bogged down in detail, the clarity of the result gets smothered.  The original purpose of meeting is lost.

So how can all people in meetings run them effectively? 

A very simple strategy is to have a common group purpose.  A high level goal that all involved, just like a team with different responsibilities, are aiming to achieve.

Best of all put it as the first item on the advanced agenda so that everyone can see it and use it. 
Time is one commodity we can’t buy but we can control its effects.

When you try this out watch how much easier your meetings run and to time.



Paraliminal Learning....What?

Paraliminal learning sounds pretty ‘out there’ so we did some research and found that it’s very effective. 
It’s produced on audio tapes so that people can listen to them using head phones. 

What happens is two or three voices will talk about a subject, like selling, stress or success at the one time.

They work by providing ‘too’ much information for the conscious mind so it comfortably turns off and the unconscious takes over.  The words used directly effect personal beliefs around the subject involved and work on the concept ‘If you believe you can or you believe you can’t either way you will be right’. 

We have now tested many tapes and they are not only safe but can work effectively with group training programs.

We have a stock of titles on hand.  When you are looking at professional/ personal change let us know.  They are great and we will fax you a list.

Personally Speaking

There’s only a half a year left and I was enjoying this one!  We have had a huge year to date and been involved with some fantastic results. 

We’re now off to have a drink for my birthday.  Until we talk soon. 

Kind regards,



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