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Issue 25 August 2000

The Value of Training Follow Up & Coaching

Significant learning not only occurs during training but will also occur on the job once formal training is completed. It is here that participants get to put what they have learnt into practice and to also experience the positive results of the capabilities acquired.
Often participants have found themselves in the position where they want to expand on a subject, skill or learning only to find themselves lost and not knowing where to go .
When they can contact their facilitator participants can:

  • Extend their learning beyond the content delivered;
  • Reconnect with what was learnt and experienced during training;
  • Reinforce the why, who, what, how and where
  • Continually integrate and develop new capabilities.

We understand the value of post-training and ongoing learning which is why we offer our ongoing support and coaching services to the people managers of your company and why we encourage peer support and networking throughout our training programs.
It is also one of the reason’s that we keep in contact with our clients and provide updates like this.

If you have attended any one of our training programs we will be happy to receive your call for further advise, support or learning.  Simply call us.


Building Happy Teams

The people in our work teams are often the people we see the most in our day-to-day lives, which is why it is so important that we develop cohesive, positive and mutually beneficial relations with them.

Team building training programs are a great way to build effective teams and are a most beneficial way for employees to learn: the different roles within a team; different personality types; the 4 team models; characteristics of effective teams and the various stages of team development, just to name a few.

Whilst these programs are personally rewarding for the attendees they are also rewarding for the business as they heighten staff morale, productivity, retention and interaction.

For more information regarding our Team Building training programs, which are full of interactive and fun activities, please speak to Imogen or anyone at Happening People.


Personally Speaking

For everyone in Australia it is a very exciting time with the Olympics only days away.  For all of you at Channel Seven I know just how aware you are.  Have a great week.

Kind regards,
Sam Day


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