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What's Happening
The newsletter for switched on people
Issue 53 May 2003

A serving of productivity
Part 2

This is part two of an interview with Anthony Bourain, New York restaurant business guru and best selling author.

The best introduction for part two is a quote from Mr Bourain when he says ‘any sense of political correctness must be abandoned.  There is nothing you cannot be allowed to say.  The only rule is no physical violence.  But there is not pretence. That can be liberating”.

Q.  How important is it to have deviants in the team?
A.  It is important to have at least one who enjoys special status….. a specialist in getting out of trouble, someone you can turn to when all your plans have gone wrong, the guy whose eccentricities you overlook, whose sins you forgive because he’s the one you turn to to say “ Go steal something for me, go do over the enemy, take care of this problem for me”.

Q. Can the nine-to-five world benefit from people like you?
A. Hey you do not want me running a fortune 500 company.  We have short attention spans.  There’s a crisis every seven minutes. That’s fun.  It’s like being in the cockpit of a jet.

Q What rules do you have about hiring staff?
A. I will be the first person you think about when you wake up in morning, I will be the last person you think about when you go to sleep at night.  Never question me, never make me look bad.  Your mission is always to make me look good.  You mission it to always honour your clan and your leader.  In return I will cover for you.  You will have my loyalty.  Whatever I can offer you in return I will.  I won’t bullshit you.  I won’t blame you.  I won’t screw you.  I will provide a sanctuary and an opportunity.

Maybe sometimes organisations are caught up in their own political correctness.  Maybe sometimes they are not. 

I wonder how the last two issues of  What’s Happening? Can be applied in your workplace?


Personally Speaking

Over the years the Happening People website has changed, as have we.  Each week I receive statistical reports about the number of people who visit Happening People on-line.  In the last two years it has hit hundreds of thousands of people from all continents.

It is rewarding to know that all the work put in to the site by, Justin, Kaylene, Alison and Mark is valuable and interesting.  And the continual new content draws people to look through and downloading information.

Thank you to everyone who goes to the Happening People site it has been and is a labour of love to reach so many people.

Only two months until the first broad cast of Happening People the show!!  Check out the website for more info.
Kind regards,
Sam Day
PS I think the draught has broken!!


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