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Issue 61 | February 2004

Who should stay & who should go

Many companies have and will go through a retrenchment process.  This may be because the business is downsizing, changing customer/operations strategy or merging and replicating roles. It could be a combination of these. I have met few managers who like the process and I am one of them. Naturally the individual’s capability is key.  So let’s look at some other criteria to consider if you are in the position of working out who should stay and who should go.

Lead in time
Legislative requirements and workplace agreements nominate specific notice periods or payment in lieu of that notice.  Whatever the time frame is, consideration must be given to the needs of the employee’s customers (both internal and external), the team’s needs and the individual’s needs. 
Motivation will change and for some the grieving process (sense of loss) will begin.  Whilst this needs to take place and is healthy, six months’ notice may be too long and one day may be too short to maintain your current operation.
(Note: whether it’s voluntary or imposed retrenchment, the grief process may still be the same)


Sure an employee may not fit into the current business strategy, but what past experience/knowledge does the employee have to lead you into the future? 
Outside of the workplace, western cultures tend not to explore their elder’s experiences.  Indeed western culture has a great deal to learn from eastern traditions that respect their indigenous and elder communities.  Applying this to the workplace could lead to a very clear future.  How?  Just ask.

Personal needs
I know that some managers will not agree with me here.  For me, an organisation that has had a relationship with an employee who invested their emotions/heart in their company also has a responsibility (if not for Karma) to reciprocate So, given two equal people with the same experience, capability and motivation I would want to consider the individuals personal needs (I know I’ll get feedback on this point!!).

If you are in this situation consider these points in your assessment and you may feel more confident in the decision and get better results.

(Note: team balance is an entire area of its own that’s only touched on here)



Personally speaking

Through my consulting work each year I literally meet thousands of people.  A common theme I see from people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s is people who have lost their passion for work or indeed their workplace/career dream.

This month my online TV show “Sam’s Table” is designed to help people reignite and tap back into the workplace passion they once had.  You can watch it on line here.
Happy New Year, till next month take care

Kind regards, Sam


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