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Issue 28 November 2000

Planning Meetings - People, Problems & Solutions

Preparing great meetings can be truly rewarding.  There are lots of fantastic techniques, which will help you get there.

When organising an effective meeting, time is without doubt the greatest consideration.  Meetings require time to attend, but they require as much or more time to organise well.  John Humphries (Managing Through People, 1999) offers the following considerations for planning a meeting:

  • Decide on a clear purpose and set of objectives for meeting.
  • Invite people for whom the objectives are relevant.
  • Choose an appropriate time and venue, so that all attendees feel comfortable and relaxed and so that the Chairperson can guide the meeting efficiently.
  • Provide all attendees with a clear, succinct and informative Agenda at least one day prior to the scheduled date detailing the purpose.
  • Select a skilled chairperson to guide the meeting and ensure that the agenda is met.

Meetings should be a meaningful opportunity to inform others, to make a decision or to discuss relevant issues.  Effective planning will show you rewards many times over.

If you would like information on planning and managing great meetings please call us anytime. If you would like a copy of Managing through People, visit our online store at www.happeningpeople.com or call Imogen.


The Power of Play

Why do effective facilitators use games/activities during learning sessions?
Activities can provide a powerful medium which enhance learning through:

  • Increasing retention by the use of repetition.
  • More effective learning through the increase in the number of senses being used.
  • Reinforcement of learning of concepts, theories and skills.
  • Through the association of current knowledge with the new learning.

Other reasons that activities are such a wonderful medium is that they can be adaptable to the workplace, creative, participative and entertaining.
When you are planning a training session, remember the power of play.

For more information about the activities we can incorporate into a training session or in our fun filled, activities packed team building days, please call speak and with anyone at Happening People.


Personally Speaking

Well it’s finally, and unfortunately, over.  The amazing result our Paralympians achieved is fantastic.  I truly believe that both Games have provided a stronger sense of community and support for people who have an amazing focus to be the greatest.  I have since read many articles of how the Games have impacted Indigenous relations both for and against.  Whatever our view, it’s a wonderful rich history to show the world toward the end of a action packed year.  Until next month, enjoy. 

Kind regards,
Sam Day


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