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Issue 70 | Spring 2005

Ethics and business

In recent years we have clearly seen organisations both international and Australian behaving unethically and then it coming back and biting them hard. 

Yet in a Global Corruption Report with polling conducted by Gallop International, Australian businesses are perceived to be the most unethical. 

  1. Australia
  2. Sweden
  3. Switzerland
  4. Austria
  5. Canada
  6. Netherlands
  7. Belgium
  8. Britain
  9. Singapore
  10. Germany

The questionnaire was developed by Transparency International and the survey was completed by private sector leaders in 15 emerging countries which account for 60% of all imports in the non OECD.
Most Australians and indeed many religions (Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hindus etc) disagree with unethical behaviour but why else do Australian Businesses need to focus on this?

Unethical organisations find it more difficult to recruit quality candidates, employee satisfaction is lower, and productivity as a result is less, which affects the bottom line.

I guess the first question to ask is how can you make ethics live in organisational performance management?

Because it not only reflects Australian business profits but can give you a better nights sleep too.

Personally speaking

Social Responsibility
I’m proud of the work everyone at Happening People has done over the past nine years but another thing which gives me pleasure is being able to contribute back to our world.

Over the years Happening People has supported Canteen, Camp Quality, the Gay and Lesbian Counseling Service and others.

As I am getting older I’m looking at more wrinkles but never did I think that cancer would touch me in so many ways.  Breast cancer is the number one killer of women.  It’s something that I think we all would prefer to go away and not deal with but the only way for it to go away is to deal with it.

So the personal commitment I have made with the National Breast Cancer Council is for every new corporate training program booked from October this year, I will donate $100 whilst Happening People’s rates stay the same.

Happening People - National Breast Cancer Foundation

So when you book, keep in mind that not only do you assist your organisation in its effectiveness and people development but you contribute to NBCF.  This is for existing and new clients.

Kind regards, Sam


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