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What's Happening
The newsletter for switched on people
Issue 46 September 2002

Make every moment count
Series final

This is the last in our series Making Every Moment Count!  Check these games out!
Changing the subject
This is seen when the subject gets too hot.  So rather than addressing the problem another is raised.  For example rather than addressing the issue you may hear ‘I don’t like your tone of voice’ or ‘I find you patronising’.
Lie and gossip
Behaviours you could expect here include leaving information out or removing information which may benefit someone else.  There are obvious ones so look for the more subtle political games here.
The Victim to the Persecutor
This is where someone feels hard done by and takes the offensive stance of “I’ll get you back”. Empathy is a great way to keep things on an even keel.
“It’s not my fault!!!” (I have good one here about my local council)l  It’s the supplier or the other company.  Its about not taking responsibility.  Taking responsibility and being proactive is the go here, it’s not about a customer calling to get updates all the time even though you may be waiting for a response!!

This is your opportunity to spend 2 minutes reflecting!!
When have you demonstrated any of these?

What would you have gained if you have not done them?

What do you need to do differently next time to make every moment count?

So next month, back to the normal format.  Hot topics coming up include Workplace Coaching, teams and sales.

Personally Speaking

When this series started a few months ago I was really happy to receive some great feedback from clients given that it was unique for the history of What’s Happening.
Then last month I received three extreme emails from people who subscribed through our internet site about how they were upset with what I had written. One side of me thinks ‘Great, I am pushing buttons and helping people focus on ineffective behaviours’ the other ‘mmmm, not my intension to upset anyone’.  I guess that if this series is not to your taste or has inspired an emotional response then ask yourself why?  If you still have no answers then, relax, we are back to our usual format next month – Maybe this fits well with; Make an exclamation not an explanation!
‘Til next month.

Kind regards,
PS Sean, Congratulations to both you and Renee on the Birth of Hanna!!


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