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Issue 23 June 2000

How Much is Conflict Costing You?

It has always interested me how people with very different backgrounds, experience and capabilities can come together in a workplace and achieve a common goal.

Sometimes these people with differences come together without harmony, which can make the task of achieving a common goal very difficult indeed.  At times this difficulty can lead to conflict.

This conflict, if not resolved, can cost the organisation in many ways;

Lost productivity – time wasted with employees lengthy and heated discussions, low morale and playing politics.

People costs – higher than necessary employee turnover and high absenteeism.

Direct costs – disrespect for organisational equipment and sometimes theft.

Add these costs to the cost of losing customers and the cost of unresolved conflict can be significant. 
If you are looking to resolve conflict in the workplace feel free to call us.



A Smile to Brighten Your Day

I guess we have all heard the expression “Hear the smile in your voice”?

Recently we were writing some telephone behavioural standards, which reminded us all of literally smiling, while we talk with our clients on the phone.

What we have all experienced from our interactions, is that the calls we enjoy most and get the most out of, be they business or pleasure, are the ones in which we smile the most.

Now this is such a simple thing to do but the results have included a more enjoyable and meaningful conversion for us all and our callers. 

So next time you call out or someone calls you put a smile on your dial and a sparkle in your voice, forget what’s in your in-tray and enjoy your day even more.


Personally Speaking

Last week we all had the pleasure of waving goodbye to 130 teams of four people in a walk for Community Aid Abroad.  Now this wasn’t just a stroll around the park but a 100km walk through virgin bush for two days and two nights without sleeping.

Happening People sponsored a very energetic and excited team of four.  Well done to you all!!

Crazy is one word that also comes to mind for this event, exceptional is another for the teams who have raised more than 25 million dollars around the world.  Congratulations.

Kind regards,
Sam Day


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