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Issue 33 May 2001

The Holy Grail

All that mankind has done, thought or been, is lying in magic preservation in the pages of books’ Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881

However the wheels of a new revolution are turning… e learning is rapidly evolving as the latest trend in our race to become a knowledge – based economy.  No longer are businesses sending us off to the library or Local University to learn but rather our PC’s and laptops are fast becoming the Holy Grail of learning resources.

Web technology has proven its ability in making substantial inroads and improvements in many business processes, offering faster, cost effective, up to the minute information that is accessible worldwide.

E learning allows organisations to supplement the traditional facilitator lead learning for a readily available, interactive; self paced intensive learning experience.

E learning employs the powers of the Web to effectively search and locate specific resources needed for a defined task.  Users can even choose to be notified by email when new information becomes available in areas that interest them.

E learning hands over the controls to the individual ensuring they take active responsibility in determining and achieving their learning and career development goals.  It employs proven e-Business relationship management technologies so the individual stays on a steady course to focus and execute successfully their learning goals

Effective e learning uses a variety of creative approaches to actively engage participants and ensure online resources are fun, informative and user friendly. Resources that individuals will want to return to frequently to expand their minds, broaden their possibilities and ensure their successes.


You can lead a horse to water ...

This may seem an obvious and over used statement, but the truth is no one can force you to learn.  In every action we make there has to be something in it for us, so we carry that action through.  So what are some real benefits of self-development? What can be gained from making your future development an integral part of your daily life?

  1. watching your career grow wings and fly
  2. gaining definite advantages over others in career advancement
  1. improving existing and gaining new and marketable skills
  2. improving your mental wellbeing
  3. improving employability
  4. gathering contacts through effective networking
  5. enlarging networks to include senior and influential colleagues.

Taken from the book; Staying Ahead At Work by Karen Manning.

Personally Speaking

Well this year has seen Happening People turn into a complete business performance improvement solution.  From our traditional training and management consulting to recruitment and now e learning.  Everything we do must give you better control over your company performance.  And with E learning, the Knowledge economy and general flexiblity, learning becomes so much easier. 

When you look at e learning then look at us. 
Promise you’ll be happy. 
Kind regards
Sam Day


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