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Issue 71 | Summer 2005

Cultural diversity in business

Delahayne (2005) describes multiculturalism as;
"An acceptance, without prejudice or discrimination, of cultural differences within one nation (or organisation) with full equity for all."

The differences in cultures are not innate, rather they are learned values which are shared by groups e.g. teams, companies or countries and they define the boundaries of accepted behaviour.

Some examples of cultural differences include:
• Australian and New Zealand cultures generally have individualist cultures where they value self reliance, competitiveness, and attainment of individual goals.
• Southeast Asian cultures have a prominent regard for authority.
• Indigenous Australians have a profound respect for their elders.
• People with sexual orientations that differ from the norm can be dealing with issues of identity, peer pressure (at work and home), and living in a world of fear and rejection.

Understanding the difference is critical in business whether it's with team members, clients or suppliers. Sometimes it's difficult to put your finger on but being aware of the differences before communicating can aid in your ultimate result.


Personally speaking

Merry Christmas
I hope that if you are celebrating Christmas with family and friends you have a great one!  If that’s not your celebration (in the spirit of this edition’s story) I hope you have a great summer in south and winter in the north.

2005 Thank you
This year has been a busy one so thank you everyone who I have personally met and have supported me at;

  • Fairfax (Sydney morning Herald, The Age, AFR and all regional and community papers)
  • Channel Nine
  • Mercer HR consulting
  • Organon
  • Fuji Zerox
  • The Mighty V

In 2006 I have decided to continue my support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  So with every new corporate training program booked, I will donate $100 whilst Happening People’s rates stay the same.

Happening People - National Breast Cancer Foundation

So when you book, keep in mind that not only do you assist your organisation in its effectiveness and people development but you contribute to NBCF.  This is for existing and new clients.

Kind regards, Sam


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