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Issue 48 November 2002

Leadership equals Financial Success

This month I came across an insert in the Australian Financial Review (well done everyone at Fairfax – FBM division!!) about recent research into leadership which I found interesting.  I thought I would share it in part.

The study involved interviews with over 1000 top team executives from Asia, the Pacific, North America, Europe and Latin America on the subject of leadership and its relevance in their organisations.  The key Leadership findings included;

1. The need for Leaders to transform corporate visions or make them relevant with effective business strategies.

2. The more comprehensive a company’s leadership development programs, the better financial results were in financial  critical measurement areas.

3. The regular assessment, development and rewards for effective leadership.

The story went on to provide statistics which supported the prognosis that;

4. Organisations must invest in their leaders in order to survive and thrive.

5. Leadership must be defined in clear unambiguous terms that can be measured.

Whilst some of these findings support the theory of organisational behaviouralist gurus (there’s a mouth full), it’s also interesting to see a direct link between financial results and leadership in large organisations like that in point two.

The report identified some of the greatest challenges to leadership as being;

  • Encouraging innovation
  • Effectively sharing knowledge

Although these seemed to be more challenging for westernised cultures.

Australia certainly tracks well with its focus on leadership, strategy and the development of its managers.  This has been a regular request of many clients over the past year. 
When you are looking for ideas on Leadership, Strategy Implementation or Management Development I am happy to set aside some time to offer an alternative view.


Personally Speaking

I received an email after last months What’s Happening which said “Your newsletter triggered a thought about a presenter I saw recently who is doing a Thesis on happiness. Her research suggests their is direct link between people who set goals and happiness. This made me aware of how important personal goals are as well as having work goals.  Thank you”

What’s Happening now goes out to thousands of people who have worked with me and my company over the years.  It is great to get feedback and see that it really adds to your life, either personally or professionally.  Thanks for responding. ‘Til next month and the holiday period edition, take care.

Kind regards


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