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What's Happening
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Issue 14 August 1999

The Benefits of Team Work

When teams are working effectively they not only enhance profits for organisations but employees from all over the cities of the world love going to work.
It’s great to see that many organisations are focusing on their people with great pride.

With our demand for team training increasing, we decided to add another part to our existing program.
It’s the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) program, which has been specifically designed for Team Building by Sandra Krebs Hirsh.

It’s extensive and fantastic because it breaks the MBTI results into five useable sections, which include:

Team Focus, which is an aid to identifying team strengths, weaknesses and interpersonal effectiveness

Function used for developing better communication, identifying team tasks and a team mission.

Quadrant, which is, used for organisational change, culture and customer relationships.

Temperament, which is great for leadership styles and team resistance.

Dynamics is perfect for conflict resolution, decision-making and stress.

We are actually one of few using the MBTI team building program in Australia today as a part of our team building facilitation.  So, when you are looking at developing teams check this out, it’s great!


Get a Feeling for our Learning

Many people who receive ‘What’s Happening?’ have used our services for their organisation but have not been able to attended our training and others have expressed an interest in experiencing our learning style too.
So what we have organised is a one day program so that you can experience and get a taste of some of the strategies we use to get results.

We have booked the day of 25th February 2000 (it’s only a few months away now) for twenty people.  If you are interested to check out how we do it differently, more effectively and interactively, please call us


Personally Speaking

We are in the last stages of organising some brand awareness advertising for the next financial year so when in Sydney keep your eyes peeled on the ninetofive magazine and ears to MIXFM in 1999. 

Adelaide will be next in early 2000 on SAFM followed by all other states.  The ads will be very, very cool and professional – of course. Keep smiling,

Kind regards,
Sam Day


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