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Issue 65 | June 2004

An empowered customer service frontline
Special Issue 3

So far in the customer service special issues we've spoken about customer service and employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction and future profitability. This issue is all about empowering your frontline service people for quality service and better performance.

Empowered people in life achieve more, are more motivated and think and act differently from those who are not. The customer service front line (be it for internal or external customers) is no different.

What does empowerment look like? People who are committed, resilient and have a positive attitude are often those who demonstrate the personal characteristics of empowerment. These are also excellent behaviours to seek in your staff when you are recruiting.

Yet these personal characteristics alone are not enough. A context to encourage and reward these behaviours needs to be established within the company policies and procedures. These include performance management programs, HR policies and regular coaching and feedback.

It's not enough just to have these in place or to alert people to their availability. People need to understand them through regular discussions.

The more the business entrusts employees with structures and dialogue the more effective the operation, the less complaints are processed and the more the employee can resolve issues the first time, every time.

Note: enabling these behaviours and policies is a subject unto itself. Feel free to look at back issues online on how to do this or contact me directly using my details to the left.

Personally speaking

The New TV show on line now
I was reading a story in a recent Australian Financial Review that said managers are spending more time than ever at work, most around 50 hours per week.

So given that we are spending more time than ever in the office how can you create an environment that is conducive to productivity at all hours?

Well today we launched a new episode of our on-line TV show, Sam's Table, called "Feng Shui at Work". It's designed to create an environment to keep you energized at your desk.
To check it out go to www.happeningpeople.com or www.samstable.com . Select the right connection for you, either dial up, ADSL or cable and watch on line.

I love getting feedback on these shows good/ bad/ indifferent, so please shoot me your thoughts or feelings after watching.

Enjoy the show!  Until next month’s issue, take care.

Kind regards, Sam


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