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Issue 100 | Spring 2012

15 Ways to Show Employees Appreciation, Gratitude and Recognition

Appreciation or being shown gratitude is a basic need.  As humans we seek it in different ways, we work towards receiving it and many relish it.   Appreciation builds us up at the most basic level, it can make us feel safe, and frees us to do our best work and it's energising.

“79% of people who quit their jobs cite lack of appreciation as the main reason”

Yet when our feelings of value seem at risk it can unconsciously occupy our thoughts and drain and divert attention away from our ability to create value.
New York Times best Seller The Carrot Principle By co-authors Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton states that 79% of people who quit their jobs cite lack of appreciation as the main reason.  Research also tells us that employees become disengaged when they don’t feel appreciated.

To safe guard against employees feeling unappreciated and disengaged or worse, on the precipice of leaving an organisation there are a number of strategies that can be employed to demonstrate employee value and worth.  In today’s economic climate there are a lot of budget conscious strategies that can be just as effective as those requiring a large investment.  Here are 15 for you to choose from;

  1. Practice appreciation by starting with yourself
  2. Write a motivational letter or email
  3. Make it a priority  to notice what others are doing that is ‘right’ not ‘wrong’
  4. Establish Employee Appreciation Days
  5. Offer training and cross training showing you believe in your employees
  6. Publicly praise employees for a job well done
  7. Celebrate holidays and traditions in the workplace
  8. Provide flexible work practices where possible showing you trust your employees
  9. Help simplify their lives by partnering with a dry cleaning company to provide delivery and pick up at the office.
  10. Pay for memberships to professional groups that interest your employees
  11. Ask staff members what their career goals are, and help them reach success
  12. Give them notes of appreciation that you hand write.
  13. Take an interest in them personally
  14. Simply mind manners and use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’
  15. Talk about the team positively in management meetings

Gratitude and appreciation is everyone’s responsibility

THANK YOU 100 Editions – WOW!

When we started sending this newsletter “What’s Happening?” 16 years ago it was something relatively new.  In the first year they were sent by fax, taking one of our team hours to send by dialling each person’s fax number.  16 years later we talk HTML coding for each newsletter!.
Our intention was and is to provoke thought, help you focus on people management topics in the workplace with a quick snapshot for busy managers so that you, your team and organisation can be more effective at what you do.
The biggest compliment we get with our newsletter “What’s Happening?” is people who send it on because they value the content. 

In the spirit of gratitude for this 100th edition of “What’s Happening?”  Thank you for reading our newsletter, thank you for sending it to others, thank you for suggesting topics of interest to you and most of all thank you for your business. 

Like most businesses we advertise but in the 16 years since I started this company most of our consulting work still comes to us through referral, word of mouth and long relationships with our clients. So for that I am enormously proud and grateful, thank you.

So I will sign off this 100th issue with a big thanks to you and if you love what we do please keep telling others if not please tell us!

Thank you everyone at the following companies for trusting us to deliver corporate training, executive coaching and people management consulting over the past 16 years!

Allianz, Alphafarm, Arrow Pharma, Beckmann & Associates, Beiersdorf, Boeringher Ingleheim, Boral, City Fertility Centre, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, C.S.R., Crown Solicitors Office – NSW, Dominion Post – NZ, Etrade – ANZ, Environmental Projects, Fairfax Media, Foxtel, Franklins, Fuji Xerox, GIO, Grass Valley APAC, Homesmart Group, Hoya Lens Australia, Hearing Retail Group, Hoodsweeney, HSBC, Hills – Fielders, Janssen Cilag, Manhiem, Marrickville Council, Melbourne IVF, Mercer, Midsumma, Motorola, Nine Network Australia, Northern Territory Tourism, OMX, Organon Australia, Paper Parley, Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, St George Bank & Bank SA, Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust, Sydney Sexual Health, Teletech, Telstra, Telstra Learning, Thompson Grass Valley, Time Inc., Tribal Staging, TSA Employment Plus, Santos, UPL, Westpac, Yankalilla Council.

Today we have delivered training programs to more than 50,000 people.  Here are few pics to celebrate our time with you!  Thank you!

Kind regards,
Sam Day
Managing Director

Meet Some of Our Team
Below are some of our corporate training team who specialise is the areas of Leadership, Management, Sales development and more.
Click on their name to link through to our website and find out more.

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Sam Day
Leadership, Management and Sales Specialist

Tina Monk
Specialising in Executive Coaching

Virginia Morris
Philanthropic Leadership Specialist (HK)

happrning People Morgan Stephens C:\Users\Samuel Day\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\A7V9AXRD\Henry Botha Photo 2011.jpg Happening People Dave Contarini

Layne Beachley
Keynote Leadership Specialist

Henry Botha
Finance for Non Finance Manager Specialist

David Contarini
Leader well-being specialist

"Thank You - Free Offer"

We want to thank you for engaging with us over the years and reading our newsletter. We know there are many sources of information and we appreciate you deciding to trust our information to use in the workplace for managing people, interacting with clients, managing your organisation and yourself.
For our 100th Issue we would like to offer you a free 1 hour confidential executive coaching session with one of our specialists.
Simply click here to contact one of our offices for our 100th issue. Please mention this newsletter in your call or email.




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