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Why Use Us
Happening People is an established company with a proven track record of effective business results.
Guaranteed results
There are many reasons to use our consulting services and products. Our existing clients demonstrate these in 'our clients say'. In fact we so are confident in our corporate training, executive coaching & people management consulting services we guarantee it..

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How we achieve results
Our strategies and beliefs are critical to achieving our set results. This is the point of difference between Happening People and other companies. We build our strategies and beliefs into all our training programs.

We align peoples personal actions with the business needs and goals.

We influence behavioural change, which directly effects results.

We set people up to take responsibility for themselves.

We believe that everybody has a positive intention.

We believe that most people are different.

We believe that people have control over their own behaviours not others.

We use participants' strengths and values to achieve business and personal goals.

We encourage participants to identify the language patterns of themselves and others to attain the outcomes all stakeholders need.

We combine self assessment, group assessment and one on one assessment in group facilitation learning.

We believe people make the best choices for them given what is happening in their environment.

We believe learning is not linear, ie people learn from the present, the past and the future.

We believe there is a solution to every problem.
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How we respond to your needs
Through our corporate client feedback we have learnt what is important in responding to their needs. Below is a list of behaviours you can expect from us.

• When we discuss your current situation it is critical for us to see a clear picture. In doing this we will not assume or judge the situation.

• We will listen to you very carefully and ask specific questions so that we provide you with the solution and results you need not what others think you should want.

• We are very aware that on-going relationships are part of our business. That means that we will demonstrate integrity and discretion with any information you choose to share.

• We understand that people have commitments other than the relationship with us. Therefore we will be flexible and work with you to achieve your goals and timeframes.

• We figure that time can be short so we will make sure that we enjoy ourselves with you while at the same time demonstrating the professionalism you expect.
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Our experience from 1996-2000
Below are some brief examples of assignments and
corporate clients in which we have been involved.
Franklins Limited Project manage and deliver training to 4,000 employees in all Australian Markets to implement new ordering hand held technology.
Channel Seven Sydney Project manage the resolution and effective implementation of telephony systems. Designed and implemented new position descriptions and call standards for all call volumes to the Sydney site.
Telstra Corporation Design and delivery of a sales program to work inline with a major marketing campaign to 'win back' customers to the business. This took place over sites in Melbourne and Sydney (Australia) with an increase in sales of 20% in each month following team development.
Time Inc Design and deliver an introductory training program for the magazine call centre to include customer service, team values and a living mission on going.
Telstra Corporation Design of a credit consultant management program, which included communication capabilities to assist customers to reduce late paying customers. Delivery of trainer training to deliver new program. This program will be used in call centres across the country
Telstra Corporation Design and delivery of a complaint resolution program.
Franklins Limited Design and delivery of effective best practice/customer service program and coaching program for 40 employees, which included team building and better workplace communication for the head office national customer, care centre.
Teletech International Professional development and coaching of Team Leaders. Delivery of outbound telesales program and coaching of more than 100 employees to sell insurance products to customers of financial institutions.
Telstra Learning Professional development of trainers within Telstra's training company. Including emotional management and psychological testing using Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).
Telstra Corporation Design and delivery of telephone sales program for inclusion in advanced telephone sales representative curriculum for consumer and commercial division.
Tina Monk & Associates Design and delivery of team building programs for Fairfield Council, Bankstown Council and ICI. Delivery of trainer training for NSW Fire Brigades officers.
JR Creative Marketing Assessment and review of competency based training 'Managing and Marketing Financial Services' modules for certificate course.
DirecDial Insurance Design of self-paced training modules for customer claims consultants.
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Our Clients

Below are major global and national brands who Happening People have worked with to achieve their results.

A to F

› Allianz
› Alphafarm
› Arrow Pharma
› Beckmann & Associates
› Beiersdorf
› Boeringher Ingleheim
› Boral
› City Fertility Centre
› C.S.R.
› Crown Solicitors Office - NSW
› Dominion Post - NZ
› Etrade - ANZ
› Fairfax Media
› Foxtel
› Franklins
› Fuji Xerox

G to N

› Homesmart Group
› Hoya Lens Australia
› Hearing Retail Group
› Hills - Fielders
› Janssen Cialag
› Manhiem
› Marrickville Council
› Melbourne IVF
› Mercer
› Midsumma
› Motorola
› Nine Network Australia
› Northern Territory Tourism

O to Z

› Organon Australia
› Paper Parley
› TSA Employment Plus
› Santos
› St George Bank & Bank SA
› Sydney Cricket Ground & Sports Trust
› Sydney Sexual Health
› Teletech
› Telstra
› Thompson Grass Valley
› Time Inc.
› Westpac
› Yankalilla Council


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