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The Happening People team
Learn about the team at Happening People

Welcome to the expert Happening People team who use a mass of experience, qualifications, knowledge and passion when we work with you.  Our photos are not so hot but our consulting is!

About the Happening People team

Happening People Sam Day

Samuel Day – Leadership, Management and Sales Specialist
Samuel Day is the founder and Managing Director of Happening People (1996). He has consulted with thousands of people in large organisations for more than twenty years.

Happening People Vera Woods

Libby Kostromin - Facilitator and Coach
Libby is a role model consultant who brings an engaging blend of clarity and creativity to her work with leaders at individual, group, organisation and industry levels.

happrning People Morgan Stephens Layne Beachley - Key Note Leadership Specialist
Seven-time ASP Women's World Champion Layne Beachley is the most successful female surfer of all time.
Happeing People - Tina Monk Tina Monk – Executive Coach Specialist
Tina is an executive coach and facilitator who, for the past 23 years has consulted to the corporate, public and community sectors to assist individuals, teams and organisations to achieve outstanding results.
Happening People Dave Contarini

David Contarini – Leadership Well-Being Specialist
David has recently joined the Happening People with his career which spans across multiple industries including teaching sports & entertainment, events, venue management and sponsorship.

Virginia Morris - Philanthropic Leadership Specialist
Virginia brings a unique combination of coaching, facilitation, consulting and an extensive corporate marketing background spanning several industries, including retail, food and beverage, airlines, publishing and tourism.

Henry Botha - Finance Specialist
Henry Botha has spent his career working in accountancy and finance. He presents numerous financial management workshops and is actively involved as a company director.

Happening People Alison Goode J.S Cabway– Cross Cultural Leadership Specialist
With over 30 years of global leadership experience J.S Cabway dominates his field as a specialist in Cross-Cultural Leadership. His skills extend to International Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, Sales Leadership, Business Diplomacy, Political-Relationship Alignment, and International Business Communications.
Happening People Vera Woods

Peter Smith - Leadership Efficiency Specialist
All leaders need to be effective but its like driving with the hand break on if they are not efficient.
Pete specialises in Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence to achieve sustained behavioural change.

Happening People Alison Goode Alan Kuczynski - Innovation Specialist
Alan has always been able to see things from a different perspective… It is his innovative strategic thinking that leads to breakthroughs in organisations' challenges and opportunities.
Other Consultants

We have other specialist consultants for your needs and can provide you with details of all our employees who will potentially work with you on any solution

happrning People Morgan Stephens Reception
When you call our offices get ready to speak with our upbeat and friendly receptionists.

Katie Hannan - Australia 1800 68 67 69 (Free Call in Australia)
Lynette Sharma - New Zealand +61 9 363 2799
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