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A few words from Samuel Day
Find out what makes Happening People stand out from the crowd
Welcome to Happening People

When I say who we work with people are impressed at the brands.  Sure they are excellent brands but I'm more interested in the people who work for those brands and am grateful that over 90% of Happening Peoples business is referral business. Its the people in the brands who I have to thank for this company and the people behind Happening People who make that happen.

When I started this company in 1996 I wasn't conventional and that has never changed.  What has changed is my passion and to my delight I am more passionate about the work Happening People complete today than ever before.

Another comment I hear is "You are lucky".  I don't think luck has anything to do with this company as everyone who has worked for this company has been clear on its mission.

"To help
and organisations
better results"

I recognised that our clients have their own unique ways of achieving their outcomes. So from the beginning we decided to adapt and create our people management consulting, learning programs and executive coaching to suit these different individuals, organisational needs, culture and styles.

In 1998 we added our newsletter What's Happening? for our clients.   It's our way of helping people stay
up-to-date on the latest hot topics in business, people management, training and personal development. 
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In 1999 the Happening People website became one of the top 100 visited website in Australia.

2000-2002 we extended our management consulting services to include recruitment and many other HR services  for our existing clients. 
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2003-2007 we added Happening TV.  A uniquely Australian chat show about work and life and personal development.
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Today we consult with organisations in each capital city of Australia, New Zealand and in the Asia Pacific region and are seen by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

Soon you will be able to become a Happening People member or Happening Peson giving you unique access to all kind of research and resources.

I feel very excited to manage a  company with outstanding people who are committed to professional and personal development for people and organisations in Australia and many other countries.In the past years these people have consulted with many 1000s of people and influenced the lives of tens of thousands through our newsletters and on line TV show.

If you would like to speak directly with me please feel free to contact me within Australia; free call Australia wide 1800 68 67 69.

Take care, kind regards,

Sam Day
Managing Director



Our Clients

Below are major global and national brands who Happening People have worked with to achieve their results.

A to F

› Allianz
› Alphafarm
› Arrow Pharma
› Beckmann & Associates
› Beiersdorf
› Boeringher Ingleheim
› Boral
› City Fertility Centre
› C.S.R.
› Crown Solicitors Office - NSW
› Dominion Post - NZ
› Etrade - ANZ
› Fairfax Media
› Foxtel
› Franklins
› Fuji Xerox

G to N

› Homesmart Group
› Hoya Lens Australia
› Hearing Retail Group
› Hills - Fielders
› Janssen Cialag
› Manhiem
› Marrickville Council
› Melbourne IVF
› Mercer
› Midsumma
› Motorola
› Nine Network Australia
› Northern Territory Tourism

O to Z

› Organon Australia
› Paper Parley
› TSA Employment Plus
› Santos
› St George Bank & Bank SA
› Sydney Cricket Ground & Sports Trust
› Sydney Sexual Health
› Teletech
› Telstra
› Thompson Grass Valley
› Time Inc.
› Westpac
› Yankalilla Council


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