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Almost 60% of Australian Workers have left their job due to conflict in the workplace according to a social media survey conducted by local and international award winning corporate training company - Happening People (www.HappeningPeople.com).

Many organisations are blind to the issue of workplace conflict and the impact it is having on their organisation.  Some believe their organisation and the people in it are adept at managing conflict, others ignore it and some even encourage it. More over the failure of organisations to address conflict effectively is having a huge impact on our workplaces and the social, economic and emotional toll is untold.

Managing Director of Happening People, Samuel Day said recently “This is having a major impact on organisations with increases in recruitment costs, lost team productivity, loss of talent and organisational knowledge not to mention the impact on the individual, both financial and emotional.  It can hit everyone’s bottom line”.

Research conducted by Recruitment and Consulting Services Association for Australia and New Zealand  (RCSA) revealed average staff turnover costs are 150% of the employee’s salary an epic cost for even the most ‘cashed up’ organisations.

Managing Director of Happening People, Samuel Day said recently “When conflict is not addressed appropriately within an organisation the total cost to the business far exceeds the financial costs. Morale and productivity levels are impacted and an organisations corporate brand can be severely damaged.’

Taking steps to deal with conflict is discussed in Happening People’s workplace blog, Top 5 on Managing Yourself When Conflict Arises  ( http://blog.happeningpeople.com )

Happening People are known for their talents in working with organisations to take control of their companies’ performance.  They have worked with 25% of Australia’s top 100 largest organisations.  They offer Corporate Training Programs that address Conflict at Work as well as offering Leadership and Coaching Programs aimed at assisting; Leaders, Managers and their teams to manage conflict effectively.


Samuel Day
Managing Director
Happening People Training and Management Consultants
Fax Number 1300 881 021

HAPPENING PEOPLE was founded by Samuel Day in 1996.  Since that time it consulted with 25% of Australia's Top 100 companies over the past 15 years. Today more than 1 in every 500 working Australians has attended a Happening People corporate training program in topics such as; Solutions Selling Skills, Customer Service, Performance Management and Leadership.

Happening People helps clients take control of their performance and that of their people by understanding the needs of the client and tailoring a specific learning program to achieve greater performance.

More information is available at www.happeningpeople.com





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