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Where Has All The Used Car Sales Men Gone?

Australian and International job markets are crying out for people with sales skills and asking the question ‘where have they all gone?’  It seems one of the most difficult positions to fill around the world is sales roles and roles that require sales skills. 

The findings are gleaned from research conducted by local and international award winning Corporate Training organisation Happening People and is the hot topic this week on their converted blog (http://blog.happeningpeople.com or see end of this release).  According to Happening People’s Managing Director Samuel Day organisations are becoming increasing desperate to find employees in varied roles with strong sales skills.

The ManPower Group had similar findings in their Talent Shortage Survey of nearly 40,000 employers across 39 countries and territories They listed sales roles in their Top 10 most difficult jobs for employers to fill. 

Managing Director of Happening People, Samuel Day said recently “Organisations know that employees with strong sales skills are the ones that hold the viability of the organisation in their hands.”

The Hays Group released its Quarterly report (July- September 2012) which supports employer claims that sales roles and sales skills are in high demand ‘to further grow a business or expand operations.’

These finding establish the idea if Sales Representatives are in demand to develop and expand a business, then any employee who can display strong sales skills in their role is a step ahead of the rest.

“No matter if you are a baker, a banker or a ballet dancer if you want to keep your job – long term - you are going to have to polish your sales skills. The good news is sales skills can be learnt they are not necessarily inherent in each of us.’ Said Mr Day.

Happening People have offered a lifeline to the SOS put out by organisations suffering under this skill gap and have produced this week’s blog, their TOP 5 Sales Skills for Everyone. The top 5 aims at boosting anyone’s ability to sell and includes;
1. Sales skills for People Managers
2. Sales skills for Customer Service Employees
3. Sales skills in your Career
4. Sales skills for Leading Projects
5. Sales skills in a Team

Happening People are known for their talents in working with organisations to take control of their companies’ performance.  They have worked with 25% of Australia’s top 100 largest organisations.  They offer Corporate Training Programs focused on Effective Leadership and Coaching Programs aimed at assisting; Leaders, Managers and their teams to become effective and inspiring leaders.

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HAPPENING PEOPLE was founded by Samuel Day in 1996.  Since that time it consulted with 25% of Australia's Top 100 companies over the past 15 years. Today more than 1 in every 500 working Australians has attended a Happening People corporate training program in topics such as; Solutions Selling Skills, Customer Service, Performance Management and Leadership.
Happening People helps clients take control of their performance and that of their people by understanding the needs of the client and tailoring a specific learning program to achieve greater performance.
More information is available at www.happeningpeople.com

If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Samuel Day, please call 0412228124 or e-mail Samuel Day at info@happeningpeople.com





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