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Want current, trending, informative content with a refreshing twist for your audience (listeners. viewers and readers)? Local and International award winning corporate training and management consultants Happening People (www.HappeningPeople.com) today launch to the media their workplace blog (blog.happeningpeople.com) which they can use for content.

With more than half the population in the workplace there is bound to be a topic which will appeal to the each media outlets audience.  The blog features practical ‘Top 5’s’ on everything in the workplace including:

  • Boosting your Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing your Boss
  • Working out what style of negotiator you are
  • Managing your time

Managing Director of Happening People, Samuel Day said recently “We are often being sort for comment from the media on a variety of leadership, management and workplace issues”.  Said Sam “The blog allows the media to use the content contained in the blog to help them address the workplace issues faced by their audiences."

The weekly blog focuses on a workplace related topic that is hot in the news, or trending on social media.  Subscribers to the weekly blog, mostly Australian managers and leaders, can also offer suggestions for topics they would like Happening People to cover which translates into current and, meaningful content for the media.

Happening People are known for their talents in working with organisations to take control of their companies performance.  They have worked with 25% of Australia’s top 100 largest organisations and more than 1 in every 500 working Australians have attended a Happening People corporate training program making them are well placed to offer leadership, management and sales and other workplace advice.  They have a strong Facebook, Twitter and Linked in presence and a rapidly expanding following on the different online social media outlets, they know what is of interest to working Australians NOW.


The blogging industry is growing in size and has a reputation for providing factual, incisive and timely material.  It is a great source of content for media outlets and whilst there are thousands of different blog sites few relate specifically to the Australian workplace. The team behind the Happening People blog are a team of professional managers and leaders in their own right dedicated to providing real business tips and inspiring other leaders and managers and teams.

A sample of a blog that received alot of attention is available here http://blog.happeningpeople.com/2012/03/12/managing-your-boss/#comments

Samuel Day
Managing Director
Happening People Training and Management Consultants
Fax Number 1300 881 021

HAPPENING PEOPLE was founded by Samuel Day in 1996.  Since that time it consulted with 25% of Australia's Top 100 companies over the past 15 years. Today more than 1 in every 500 working Australians has attended a Happening People corporate training program in topics such as; Solutions Selling Skills, Customer Service, Performance Management and Leadership.

Happening People helps clients take control of their performance and that of their people by understanding the needs of the client and tailoring a specific learning program to achieve greater performance.

More information is available at www.happeningpeople.com





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